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 Rules For the Forums themselves

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PostSubject: Rules For the Forums themselves    Tue Oct 04, 2011 8:36 pm

Rule 1. Be Respectful. We are people too. This means if you have to be rude and cuss people then dont. i monitor the forums and check it over. I am not going to be strict about this unless people make me. I am not a strict person.

Rule 2. As the Admin i have to tell you anything not rated PG - 13 but higher has potential to be deleted by the owners of forumotion. meaning they delete forums that are such. Please if you dont want it Deleted then post a link and we will look. I am only looking for your safety. I dont want you to lose your information.
Posts with these items will automatically be deleted by forumotion I have no control over this.

Sexual and/or pornographic content
Hateful or abusive content
Defamatory content and / or affecting the integrity of a person
Sale or exchange of medication that requires a prescription from a licensed practitioner, or medicines without prescription / drugs and any other illicit substance
Copyright infringment / hacking
Spam / phishing and/ or malware website
Credit card fraud

Rule 3. You must be 18 or older to be on the site. Those that are not will be allowed to view the site but will not be allowed in chat.

Rule 4. Constantly badgering some one else is not allowed. If Y/you do this then you will be banned. I don't want people to feel annoyed because people have to keep asking about the same thing to every one on forums or Chat.

I will post more as needed.
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Rules For the Forums themselves
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